VMware, Inc. today announced key strategic alliances in the Internet of Things (IoT) space to help bridge the gap between IT and operational technology (OT) worlds. VMware has formed alliances with Bayshore Networks, Dell, Intwine Connect, Deloitte Digital, PTC and V5 Systems.

According to IDC’s “Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide,” IoT spending will grow to nearly $1.3 trillion by 2019. While businesses look to integrate IoT into their organizations and offerings, significant changes must be made for IoT to reach enterprise grade and scale. In its current state, the operations side of the business primarily drives IoT. As the shift turns from pilot projects to enterprise production, IT involvement is necessary for efficient management and security. VMware plans to help address these concerns and allow IT to provide businesses with the proper infrastructure necessary to keep businesses from being disrupted while also enabling OT to streamline its management and operations of IoT to scale across these newly-connected objects. With these strategic alliances, VMware solutions can help organizations across OT and IT deliver more comprehensive IoT Enterprise solutions.

“IoT is said to be the largest addressable market since the advent of the Internet, and the true potential of IoT has yet to be realized in the enterprise. As a company that has been delivering technology innovations to enterprises for nearly 20 years, we will leverage our core strengths around device management, operational analytics and security to help bring specific IoT offerings to customers,” said Bask Iyer, chief information officer and general manager, IoT, VMware. “Our work with these companies will be important in helping businesses meet their strategic needs for IoT applications, analytics, hardware and services, ultimately extending their reach from the data center and cloud to the edge.”

“Together Dell and VMware offer mutual customers and partners choice and flexibility in speeding up Internet of Things deployments,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, Commercial IoT Solutions at Dell. “VMware is helping us pave a way for IoT innovation across industries and we look forward to the continued collaboration.”

“Deloitte Digital’s IoT practice helps organizations develop value-driven business strategies and implement systems that harness the power of the IoT,” said Andy Daecher, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and chief IOT executive at Deloitte Digital. “By collaborating with VMware we can offer customers a comprehensive solution around management and infrastructure that allows our clients to boost productivity and gain competitive advantage.”

“The PTC ThingWorx IoT platform enables customers to develop and deliver powerful enterprise IoT applications and solutions that offer transformative business power, so it’s only natural that PTC would collaborate with the one of the leaders in enterprise technology,” said Rob Gremley, President, Technology Platform Group, PTC. “Our technology combined with VMware will enable our customers to quickly bring to market enterprise-ready IoT solutions.”

In June, VMware announced Liota (Little IoT Agent), a vendor-neutral open source software development kit (SDK) for building secure IoT gateway data and control orchestration applications. VMware plans to continue to develop IoT-related alliances to help customers address complex IoT use cases across healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, government, CPG and more.

VMware and its collaborators will showcase industry specific IoT use cases in the ‘Internet of Things Experience’ zone at VMworld, taking place from August 28 – September 1 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Convention Center in Las Vegas. There will also be several IoT sessions at VMworld unveiling VMware’s IoT strategy and more. Please see schedule of sessions at http://www.vmworld.com/uscatalog.jspa?search.track=technologyFutures