WDDinc, a leader in custom software development, today announced the launch of 403 Web Security, a secure web application development company.  The launch of 403 is in response to demand from organizations that are in need of comprehensive website security.  Any website, regardless of size, is vulnerable to attacks such as a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) to infect smaller sites or a SQL Injection attack on a more prominent site.  403 Web Security assists companies of all sizes with identifying and repairing vulnerabilities on existing sites and building secure websites.  

Founded by seasoned web security executives from WDDinc, 403 Web Security will draw from the company’s 18-plus years of experience building secure web applications for organizations.  With a stable of customers, 403 Web Security is the only web app development company to provide secure web design for new websites and remediation of existing websites.  403 Web Security will provide any company with a complementary, comprehensive website security audit, a consultation regarding the vulnerabilities identified and the remediation available via the company’s security experts. Or, if a website has not been launched, a company can partner with 403 Web Security to develop the site, ensuring that security is kept in mind during the development process.    

“Web security changes quickly.  Because most websites are created solely based on visual appeal, most are vulnerable to security flaws – exposing the company site and sensitive customer information to hackers.  403 Web Security delivers a comprehensive analysis and solution to vulnerabilities” said Alan Wlasuk, Managing Partner, 403 Web Security.   “403 Web Security is the only company to offer complete web security, regardless of a company’s stage of website development.  403’s offerings deliver solutions through a website’s entire life – from early development to assessment for new vulnerabilities to repairs on existing websites.  

To learn more about 403 Web Security or to receive a complimentary website vulnerability scan, please visit: www.403.wddinc.com.