JetBrains is introducing a new solution dedicated to data analysis and visualization. The company announced Datalore, a new web application designed to draw insights from raw data, simplify coding routines, and make intelligent decisions. The solution leverages machine learning to perform tasks, and currently focuses on Python development.   

“We’re launching this tool inspired by the JetBrains vision – to make development as enjoyable and productive as possible for everyone. Datalore aims to turn working with data into a delightful experience with helpers such as smart coding assistance, incremental computations, and built-in tools for machine learning,” the company wrote in a post.

Datalore is still under development and available today as a public beta. It enables data scientists to explore datasets, build predictive models, create visualizations, and collaborate with colleagues. Features include cloud storage, smart code completion, context-aware code generation, data analysis, visualization tools, Python libraries, real-time remote access, integrated version control, out-of-the-box machine learning tools, and an intelligent code editor.

“Today, machine learning is at the heart of many commercial applications and research projects. By introducing Datalore, we’re extending the JetBrains product family to the machine learning-specific environment in Python,” the company wrote.