JetBrains has announced the release of Kotlin/Native v0.6.Kotlin/Native is the company’s project for compiling Kotlin to native binaries.

The latest release features support for multiplatform projects in compiler and Gradle plugin, transparent container classes, and support for first embedded target (STM32 board). With the release, the company is also looking to improve usability and stability of the compiler.

More information is available here.

Amazon announces beta release of Alexa Skills Kit developer console
Amazon has announced the new Alexa Skills Kit developer console. The console is designed to provide an easier experience to create, manage, and publish Alexa Skills.

“The new developer console makes navigation easier with an updated user interface and incorporates improvements based on the Skill Builder and Test Simulator (beta) as the default experiences for building custom interaction models and testing skills, respectively,” Paul Cutsinger from Amazon’s Alex team wrote in a blog post.

Tasks can be organized into build, test, launch and measure phases within the console.

HoloLens now available for rent
Microsoft has announced that HoloLens can be rented by customers in North America in collaboration with ABCOMRENTS. The company is looking to expand HoloLens availability to other markets in the months ahead.

“[Many] of our customers have expressed a desire to rent HoloLens, so that companies can evaluate before purchasing or increase their inventory temporarily to support tradeshows and events,” Lorraine Bardeen, GM for mixed reality experiences at Microsoft, wrote in a post.

Intel expands bug bounty program
Intel has announced updates to its bug bounty program. The updated program is open to all security researchers, raises bounty awards up to $100,000, and offers a new program focused on side channel vulnerability through the end of the year.

“We believe these changes will enable us to more broadly engage the security research community, and provide better incentives for coordinated response and disclosure that help protect our customers and their data,” said Rick Echevarria, vice president and general manager of Platform Security at Intel Corporation.

Google Play Developer API
Google has announced improvements to the Google Play Developer API. The improvement is designed to make it easier to track promotions from a developer’s own backends.

“Promotions can be a valuable tool to increase user engagement or attract new users by offering content or features to a limited number of users free of charge,” Neto Marin, developer advocate at Google, wrote in a post.