JetBrains, the world’s leading vendor of professional software development tools, today announced the general availability of WebStorm 8.0, the new major release of its intelligent JavaScript IDE.

This release brings major enhancements to help you develop complex web applications with WebStorm. First, it is now much easier to identify any possible issues or bottlenecks in the project on its execution, thanks to spy.js, WebStorm’s brand new tool for JavaScript tracing and profiling. Second, WebStorm enables advanced AngularJS-specific code completion, navigation and refactorings, significantly improving the development experience with this popular framework.

In addition, to improve the development workflow for your projects, WebStorm integrates Bower, a package manager for the web, and Grunt, a task runner for JavaScript projects. Keeping up with the latest version of JavaScript, WebStorm offers support for EcmaScript 6 Harmony modules and improves existing support for RequireJS and AMD.

“We enjoy adding intelligent features to our IDE that help our customers enjoy the creative process of development. Witnessing a great active community around AngularJS, we’ve implemented native support for the popular framework in this latest release. That, plus our brand new tracing tool spy-js, will be of great help to developers creating complex JavaScript applications,” said Dennis Ushakov, WebStorm project lead. “What is more, we’ve opened the source code of our AngularJS plugin for WebStorm in order to inspire our users to get involved with its further development and perhaps create new plugins for other frameworks.”

Highlights in WebStorm 8.0 include:
• Advanced AngularJS support. WebStorm now provides smart AngularJS specific code completion, refactoring, navigation and quick access to documentation.
• Spy-js, a JavaScript tracing tool. Spy-js makes tracing and profiling JavaScript easy in any browser.
• Multiple carets and selections will help you edit your code faster, especially if you are used to this feature in other editors.
• Integration with Grunt, a JavaScript task runner and Bower, a package manager for the web.
• New Live Console in JavaScript and Node.js debugger.
• Support for CucumberJS BDD test framework.
• Improvements in the support of JavaScript modules: RequireJS, AMD and EcmaScript 6 Harmony modules.
• Up-to-date support for LESS 1.7.
• And more. For details please see
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