XtremeData Inc., providers of a massively scalable DBMS for big data warehousing deployable on premise and cloud, today announced that XtremeData dbX Cloud Edition is now immediately available on AWS Marketplace.  A massively scalable SQL database engine, XtremeData dbX offers Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers a new level of agility by allowing them to create big databases that can be up in minutes or hours and brought down even more quickly.  XtremeData also announced today, the immediate availability of its new self-service provisioning tool that enables AWS users to create a virtual data warehouse of any size, from hundreds of gigabytes to terabytes, in minutes and discard it at any time.  To access or trial the tool, please visit http://www.xtremedata.com/get-amazon-database.
As a row-oriented ACID compliant MPP DBMS engine, XtremeData offers an unmatched price-performance profile. This enables cloud users to quickly and easily create data warehouse-scale database that can support heavy duty workloads comprising hundreds of tables, mixed read-write workloads, complex ETL, and ad hoc analytics without having to wait for equipment to be procured, installed or tested.
“Data warehousing on the cloud is gaining in popularity even for big data warehouses, yet legacy solutions from IBM, Oracle, and Teradata are unable to scale to meet the necessary enterprise class requirements,” said Mike Lamble, President of XtremeData.  “Not only does data warehousing on the cloud mean that the cost will dramatically decline, it also means that the time-to-market and time-to-value is accelerated massively.  No more waiting for equipment to be procured, installed, tested.”