My friends, I’m delighted to tell you about an important transition beginning in January 2011: SD Times is changing to a monthly publishing schedule and is being redesigned into a standard magazine size.

When we launched SD Times in February 2000, it was as the first-ever newspaper of record for the software development industry. Being a newspaper meant that we needed to publish often; we determined that twice a month was perfect for getting you the news without overburdening your mailbox.

Times change. Over the past several years, more and more of our readers have been getting the latest news from the website, from our weekly News on Monday e-newsletter, from our RSS feeds, and even from links we post on Twitter.

We’ve learned that by the time most subscribers received their printed issue of SD Times, or opened up our twice-monthly digital edition, they had already read the news. Readers were breezing quickly past the news sections, focusing instead on columns, special reports and other in-depth features.

Therefore, we’re changing to reflect how our readers interact with SD Times. We’re separating the breaking news part of SD Times, which requires immediacy, from the more analytical part… which doesn’t.

Beginning in January, the editorial team will continue to report breaking news on, News on Monday, the RSS feeds and Twitter, just like it does today. Meanwhile, the now-monthly SD Times print/digital magazine will present longer articles that explore the news and what it means, as well as in-depth features on trends, meaningful interviews, thoughtful opinions and insightful commentary.

We’re excited about the changes in SD Times, and are confident that you’ll enjoy the new frequency and format. We welcome your comments at

Alan Zeichick is editorial director of SD Times. Follow him on Twitter at Read his blog at