Top five trends for enterprise software development

Victoria Reitano
January 19, 2012 —  (Page 1 of 2)
It is easy to predict what types of technologies will be trendy in the coming months, and harder to predict what developers will do with the technologies to help the enterprise end user. That said, Scott Plewes, VP of user experience at software consulting firm Macadamian, offered up five predictions for enterprise software trends based on his experience with customers.

According to him, the battleground for enterprise software is shifting from what features can be delivered to the usability of a software solution, based mainly on the way companies and individuals work.

Mobile workplaces
The nature of work, Plewes said, is not about mobile technology or applications on smartphones and tablets; it’s about enabling people to make decisions in real time. People don’t always work a 9-to-5 schedule at a desk; they may be changing locations or working in different time zones. Using mobile technologies in the enterprise technology space means that developers need to understand these new environments and allow their solutions to seamlessly integrate into such a workplace.

A mobile workplace, Plewes said, provides different distractions, and it’s important for developers to be aware of creating a user experience that takes these into account. This also ties in with his second prediction, the advancement of cloud computing.

Cloud computing
This is, according to Plewes, best described as the Apple iCloud concept. “The idea is that in the cloud, information is shared appropriately to different devices at different times with the proper security information, without the user noticing,” he said. Seamless sharing, and a security solution for it, will be a trend in the cloud space in the coming year, he predicted.

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01/23/2012 03:49:35 PM EST

Hi Victoria, Yes these things are going to be happening, which is a good thing. Moreover, I have seen them happen for quite a while now. Actually, we are doing this since the seventies. The core of this is the "understand the needs of the user" part. Should Pewles google for "know thy user", for example, he would be swamped by more than 2 million hits. In enterprise software the users are usually known, sometimes by their names. Their needs are also well known, and if not it is possible to address them in person, as opposed to public web apps where the user is mostly anonymous and the developers must create synthetic users named "personas". Or are we talking about different things when we say "enterprise software"? Regards, Juan Lanus

ArgentinaJuan Lanus

04/28/2012 12:35:43 PM EST

Enterprise software development is primarily about workflow efficiency while enforcing business rules. Only a few executives and maybe the sales force care about anything mobile. When I read an article like this it makes me shake my head. It's pie in the sky nonsense. If you look behind the curtains at SAP, Sage, Epicor, and the like you will see 10 - 20 year old technologies as the primary development environment. Apple is irrelevant in the Enterprise software world, and Microsoft is trying to be them, so the big Enterprise software developers are stuck in the mud waiting either for Microsoft to wake up and focus on their real needs or a new player to emerge.

United StatesRobert Morgan

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