Google and Intel are teaming up to provide 3D capabilities to Google’s Project Tango smartphone. Project Tango is an Android smartphone designed to track 3D motion in real time. Intel recently announced it would be providing Project Tango and RealSense technology in an Android smartphone developer kit. The developer kit will enable indoor navigation and area learning, virtual reality, and 3D scanning.

The kit will be released to a limited number of Android developers later this year.

Core Infrastructure Initiative releases new Badge Program
The Core Infrastructure Initiative has announced a new Badge Program to get feedback from the open-source community. The program will look for suggestions on what criteria should be used to determine the security, quality and stability of open-source projects.

“By coming out early with some initial criteria, we hope that the community will quickly get involved and not only influence the questions, but also acknowledge how important it is for developers to be able to quickly assess the health of a project that they depend on,” said Emily Ratliff, senior director of infrastructure security at the Linux Foundation. “A free, credible badge system can fill this niche, ensuring that new projects depend only upon the healthiest open-source projects, thus improving our global Internet infrastructure.”

The program will also provide badges to showcase projects’ commitment to security and quality, and encourage other projects to take positive steps.

Microsoft releases first Windows 10 Insider Preview build since RTM
Microsoft is committed to delivering Window as a service through constant updates, and new features and functionalities. The company just announced Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10525. The latest build is designed to highlight customer feedback influences and illustrate how features will be implemented at different times.

The build includes updated color options and memory manager improvements.

In addition, Microsoft noted that the build does have some incomplete features and bugs, and that insiders should always back up their personal data before beginning.