5x Technology, a growing IT solutions provider focusing on information delivery through business intelligence, data warehousing, and data integration, today announced the integration of its IntelligentInformationSM solution with the NetSuite cloud computing platform. IntelligentInformation performs standardization, cleansing, merging, and enhancement of customer data.  Built using NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform, the integrated solution can help NetSuite customers improve bottom-line business performance by saving time and costs associated with managing dirty, incomplete, or redundant data.
“The quality of customer data affects an entire organization’s bottom line, not just the efforts of the marketing and sales teams,” said Jeffrey Yefsky, 5x Technology CEO.  “Bad customer data not only wastes resources, but also time – time better spent on directly engaging with prospects and customers. IntelligentInformation gives back that time, and can also help improve business performance through better business intelligence and decision-making.”
The IntelligentInformation solution includes a software tool and service that cleanses and verifies contact information, specifically tailored to the needs of each client. It can handle standard and unique database fields, including job title, industry, revenue size, website, SIC codes, NAICS codes, and it can verify email addresses and direct phone numbers, as well as profiles for social network sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.
Working with NetSuite
The integrated solution extracts customer data out of a NetSuite customer’s system, tags records that have redundant and incorrect information based on a client’s specifications, cleanses and merges duplicates, and then uploads the data back into the NetSuite system. This can help NetSuite customers boost customer relationships and improve the quality of targeted marketing programs, while saving the time and costs associated with dirty or corrupted data.
“Everyone from executive management to marketing and customer support use customer data.  Without dependable, high-quality data, a company’s bottom line can be at risk.” says Guido Haarmans, NetSuite’s Vice President of Developer Programs. “5x Technology complements NetSuite’s built in de-duplication functionality with industrial strength batch processing capabilities for cleansing, merging, deduping and data enhancement, ensuring accurate and complete contact information.”