AccuRev, a leading provider of application lifecycle management software solutions, today announced AccuSync for HP Application Lifecycle Manager (ALM) to empower software developers and engineers to rapidly leverage AccuRev’s software development architecture, including continuous integration and delivery capabilities, within existing HP ALM workflows.
AccuSync for HP ALM will help organizations increase agility, reliability and quality of their distributed and parallel software development environments. With enhanced collaboration capabilities, AccuSync for HP ALM provides organizations with an effective and practical solution, especially for large, geographically distributed teams. Developers, release engineers and engineering managers will increase productivity with a robust workflow for managing source code changes from the integration capabilities in AccuSync for HP ALM as well as AccuRev Streams and Change Packages.
AccuSync for HP ALM provides a bi-directional integration which enables transparency between requirements, stories, and issues originating in HP ALM or AccuRev, providing full traceability throughout the coding, testing, release, and delivery processes. With AccuSync for HP ALM, organizations will:
• Gain comprehensive requirement, user story, and issue traceability
• Know the immediate status and progress of each user story, iteration, and sprint
• View all development code changes effecting release and delivery of existing issues
• Track the history of changes impacting development, build, integration, and release
“AccuSync for HP ALM helps drive development organizations’ continuous integration and delivery strategy with a fully integrated issue tracking solution,” said Peter Shields, president and CEO of AccuRev.  “AccuSync for HP ALM records, tracks, and monitors AccuRev change package activity from within HP Quality Center, delivering a fully auditable history of issues within HP Quality Center and AccuRev – enabling full transactional traceability.”
AccuSync supports HP ALM 11 and HP Quality Center 9.x and 10.x.