Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, today announces the release of Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint v7.2. The service pack update for the company’s popular embeddable document viewer for SharePoint environments now fully supports enhanced digital rights management (DRM) in SharePoint and saving of multiple named annotations, among other new features.

The SharePoint document viewer empowers end users to view, convert, and collaborate on more than 300 document and other file types hosted in a SharePoint repository. The viewer software runs entirely on the server, requiring no ActiveX controls or other special software on the client, other than Flash. It even supports mobile browsers with Flash installed.

Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint v7.2 includes full support for SharePoint Document Versioning, which enables SharePoint users to store, track, and restore items in a list and files in a library as they are updated. Users of version 7.2 can view and collaborate on multiple versions of a document, keeping each version’s DRM protections intact, and can create and manage multiple named annotations per document version. They can load and save annotations by names and by version, and save one, multiple, or no annotations through Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint’s DRM tools.

“Enabling SharePoint users to see who made an annotation to which version of a document, and when they made it, dramatically expands the collaborative power that Prizm Content Connect brings to businesses running on SharePoint environments,” says Prateek Kathpal, Accusoft Vice President of Viewing Product Strategy.

Other enhancements in version 7.2 include the ability to make annotations even without Prizm Content Connect’s DRM module, tools to block the Download a Copy and Send To actions in a document library’s ribbon and Edit Control Block, and an improved experience for high-trust users not subject to DRM enforcement.

Hot on the heels of the service pack, Accusoft is about to add SharePoint 2013 compatibility. A SharePoint 2013-compatible version of Prizm Content Connect is now already available as a beta version. To participate in the beta, contact Accusoft at for more information.

The Prizm Content Connect document viewer is available not only for SharePoint, but also in versions for EMC Documentum and for HTML5, and in a cloud-based version called Prizm Cloud.

For more information on Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint v7.2, visit, or to request a free trial, visit