Docker is releasing a new commercial platform for enterprise development and IT teams. Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is a new platform designed to streamline the Docker experience, and accelerate business critical app deployments.

“From the very beginning, Docker has been focused on taking very complicated tooling and software and making it intuitive and easy to use,” said Solomon Hykes, CTO and founder of Docker. “With EE, we’ve built on that legacy by removing the layers of complexity and giving users a more native and tightly integrated experience. Our latest set of editions makes it even easier for users to get critical applications into production, and only Docker provides an open solution with full stack portability across any infrastructure from one environment to another—without breaking the seamless workflow between Dev and Ops.”

Docker is also launching the Docker Certification Program for partners to integrate and certify their technology with Docker EE and make them available on the Docker Store.

GitHub Enterprise 2.9 now available
GitHub is improving its enterprise platform for developers and administrators. GitHub Enterprise 2.9 is designed to improve reliability for admins as well as help developers take advantage of pull requests.

The latest release features load balancer support, a new hosting option on Google Compute Engine, resolved merge conflicts, review requests, the ability to dismiss pull request reviews, the ability to rebase and merge pull requests, and the ability to use GitHub projects at the organization level.

Microsoft to start shipping Windows Mixed Reality dev kits
Microsoft wants developers to start blending the real world with the virtual world. The company announced plans to start shipping its Windows Mixed Reality dev kits this month. The developer edition headsets were created in partnership with Acer, and will come with the Acer headset, documentation, access to the Windows 10 Insider preview builds, and an SDK for building mixed-reality apps.

“At Microsoft, we are building Windows 10 to be the most complete platform across the broadest range of mixed reality devices and experiences. We believe that mixed reality can empower new waves of creativity and should be affordable and attainable for everyone,” wrote Alex Kipman, technical fellow at Microsoft, in a blog post.

Operation Rosehub helps patch vulnerable code
Instead of posting a security advisory and asking developers to address every vulnerability, Google has formed a task force, called Operation Rosehub, to update its open-source code.

Building awareness is key to drawing attention to the tools that exist for fixing software on a massive scale, wrote Justine Tunney, software engineer on TensorFlow, in a blog post.

Operation Rosehub was organized from the bottom-up on company mailing lists, according to her, and employees who volunteered sent out patches in a matter of weeks.