Rogue Wave Software has acquired Akana, a company that specializes in managing and securing APIs.

According to Rogue Wave CEO Brian Pierce, the acquisition will build on Rogue Wave’s commitment to software development, and it will extend its efforts into web, mobile and IoT.

The Akana API platform is currently available in three editions, which include enterprise-class features like API management, API design, and API security. The acquisition of the Akana SaaS platform is complementary to the 2015 Zend acquisition, which both extend mobile and web development, as well as API development.

SourceClear unveils new features for DevOps teams
SourceClear announced that its security team has finished the biggest release of SourceClear since it launched, including new features like the Dependency Visualizer, issues reports and suppressions, and projects and subpath enablement.

Dependency Visualizer can let a developer see how all the dependencies are pulled in, and then navigate the tree to identify vulnerabilities and other issues, according to the company.

In addition, the team added an “Issues” consolidated view to help developers triage issues that are discovered by SourceClear scans. Developers can suppress issues that do not require action, according to the company.

This feature allows SourceClear Pro customers to export any report to CSV to download as a spreadsheet.

Pneuron unveils new enterprise features for its orchestration software
Pneuron has announced a new series of features for its business orchestration software, including features and capabilities that address security and scale for modern business demands.

Key features of this release include robotic capability, which reduces the manual burden for information gathering, according to the company. Another feature includes scalability, with enhancements to scaling and auto-deployment into diverse cloud environments. This will allow Pneuron servers to add capacity from internal and external cloud environments and match workload requirements, said the company.

Features for customers include SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Unix shell scripts, which will extend Pneuron to support the entire enterprise ecosystem.

More information on the new release can be found here.

Microsoft brings improvements to Visual Studio 2017 RC
Microsoft has focused development of Visual Studio 2017 RC on the three areas that developers spend most of their time: code editing, navigation, and debugging.

New features include IntelliSense filtering, which makes exploring a new API faster, according to a Visual Studio blog post. Match highlighting is an extensibility point, so any language can add support, according to the company. Also, developers who don’t like the filtering or match highlighting features can turn them off using the IntelliSense settings for their language.

With these improvements, developers can also use the new Exception Helper to view their exception information at a glance.