At Data Driven Summit 2014, Actuate Corporation – The BIRT Company and the leader in personalized analytics and insights, announced new features to its Embedded Analytics solution that delivers ease of use, scalability and productivity for global enterprises that need to tap the variety, velocity and volume of big data and deliver real-time actionable information to their customers on any device.

“Embedded Business Intelligence (BI) is critical for user organizations seeking to make business intelligence pervasive and to enable and improve decision making at all levels within their organization,” said Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services. “Organizations are putting great emphasis on the importance of embedded BI technology and we congratulate Actuate on their leading performance in this year’s Embedded BI Market Study.”

Enhanced features to Actuate’s Embedded Analytics solution include:

  • BIRT iHub 3.1 – advanced visualization to any mobile device, enabling customers to have instant access to their information when and where they need it.
  • BIRT Analytics 5.0 – provides an advanced analytics engine, allowing business analysts to explore and blend their data to find hidden relationships without the need for IT.

“Organizations require intelligence from their data to make better, faster business decisions, which is not possible using traditional BI tools,” said Pete Cittadini, president and CEO of Actuate. “The enhanced features in our Embedded Analytics solution – BIRT iHub and BIRT Analytics help customers turn data into intelligence embedded within an application for real-time analysis and actionable visualization on any device.”

Enhancing the Intelligence of Mobile Applications

Today, enterprises are tasked to create smarter applications to deliver business results. With traditional business intelligence tools, it can take weeks or months to create an analytic application. The new features in BIRT iHub 3.1 allows development teams to:

  • Simplify the process of creating and deploying data driven apps with a REST API by easily embedding BIRT content in mobile and Web applications – enabling businesses to deliver rich charts, dashboards and infographics to their mobile and desktop users.
  • Incorporate data visualization from third-party libraries of charts and graphs with BIRT outputs, boosting productivity by reducing manual coding from days to hours.

Turning Organizations Hidden Data Into Insights

In a highly competitive market, organizations are required to make fast decisions impacting their business such as avoiding customer churn and anticipating risk.

The new capabilities in BIRT Analytics 5.0 allows business analysts to:

  • Access enriched data or intelligence from BIRT Analytics to embed into existing applications with a public API – helping organizations discover hidden insights for forecasts, predictions or patterns for future success, while keeping abreast of the competition.
  • Analyze billions of rows of data in seconds, and generate actionable and real-time results running as a server on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • Embed intelligence from the BIRT Analytics columnar database into end-user dashboards with BIRT iHub 3.1 through an open data access (ODA) connector, simplifying the process of accessing real-time analysis.

“Our customers require a simple solution to help manage their online data flows from multiple sources,” said Nate Burke, founder and CEO of Diginius. “By leveraging Actuate’s embedded analytics solution with our online sales system, we were able to arm our customers with reporting, dashboards and insights on their ad campaigns and commerce sites performance, helping to improve their sale cycles.”

Actuate Outperforms All Competition in Embedded BI Market

Actuate is the No. 1 ranked vendor in the “Dresner Advisory Services 2014 Embedded Business Intelligence Market Study.” The report examines user perceptions and intentions surrounding Embedded Business Intelligence (BI), the technological capability to make BI capabilities pervasive by including them as an inherent part of other applications.

Of the 24 vendors surveyed in the report, Actuate claimed the “Top Spot” for meeting 100 percent of the Embedded BI architecture requirements, including desktop widgets, Google Gadgets and Python API. Actuate was also ranked as providing superior custom, white-label branding for companies such as banks and telecoms who provide their customers with data driven analytics apps. To learn more about Actuate’s complete infrastructure capabilities, access the report here.


  • BIRT iHub version 3.1 will be available worldwide by the end of 2014. A freemium-based BIRT iHub F-Type for 3.1 will also be available worldwide at the same time.
  • BIRT Analytics version 5.0 will be available worldwide by the end of 2014.

Actuate’s premier customer event, Data Driven Summit 2014, will be in London on Nov. 19, Frankfurt, Germany on Nov. 20 and New York City on Dec. 3, allowing attendees to see both products and learn about embedded analytics trends and best practices from industry and Actuate experts. Additional information about Actuate’s Embedded Analytics solution is available at Follow us on Twitter @Actuate, #DataDrivenSummit.