With the Eclipse BIRT open-source project at the core, Actuate has introduced its complete business intelligence product suite, ActuateOne.

ActuateOne deploys business intelligence and information applications from on premises to all cloud architectures via BIRT iServer Release 11, which now includes elastic clustering to adjust iServer roles for response to capacity and application requirements.

Also part of BIRT iServer and the ActuateOne suite are the BIRT Data Analyzer and BIRT 360. The new in-memory capabilities in the BIRT Data Analyzer help business users uncover trends, identify anomalies and model scenarios for business forecasting.

BIRT 360 enables users to create dashboards. By utilizing the Google Gadget specification, users can leverage third-party Google Gadgets as well as BIRT-based gadgets for mashup applications. The tool also enables two types of dashboards: operational and analytic.

The operational dashboard interface is designed for business users to create custom dashboard pages without IT intervention, and it enables continuous monitoring of key performance indicators. BIRT 360 analytical dashboards are visual data exploration applications that allow a business owner to filter through data to gain insight into the business, said Mark Gamble, senior technical marketing manager at Actuate.

The foundation of ActuateOne is the open-source BIRT design, a common design environment that uses a Web-based design metaphor for content creation, the company said.

“We don’t want to use many separate tools,” said Nobby Akiha, Actuate’s senior vice president of marketing. “That’s why ActuateOne is based on the idea of one design, one server and one user experience.”

This enables multiple ways to embed and contextually deliver information to users while promoting productivity through the reuse of object-oriented components and libraries, he added.

The suite is scheduled to ship by the end of this month. Several pricing models will be provided, according to the company.