New data and user interface controls for Visual Studio highlight the version 3 release of ComponentOne’s Studio Enterprise. The Studio for Entity Framework was originally released as a CTP in the summer but is now included in Studio Enterprise.

The new release adds data-source components that enhance Microsoft’s ADO.NET Entity Framework and RIA Services, according to a release from ComponentOne, by improving and simplifying data binding.

The Entity Framework is Microsoft’s recommended data-modeling technology for new applications, said Robin Cole, senior director of Visual Studio Integration Partners for Microsoft.

ComponentOne added a new Web-based user interface in the ASP.NET Wijmo suite, which is also part of the Studio Enterprise package and update. HTML5 chart support and a ported Rich Text Editor have also been added.

Greg Lutz, product manager at ComponentOne said, in a blog post about the release, “Our design-time components make it easy for any level of .NET developer to work with Entity Framework, and the virtual mode feature improves performance for even the largest dataset.”

Lutz continued: “Working across three platforms (WinForms, Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight), the built-in smart client caching in our Entity Framework product speeds up the development of typical line-of-business applications, and allows developers to write less code to achieve their goal.”