Sauce Labs Inc, the leading provider of cloud-based web application testing solutions for software developers and designers, today announced it’s preparing for an influx of new users referred by Adobe. Adobe announced it has shut down its BrowserLab web application testing service and began pointing users to Sauce Labs.
“We want to ensure Adobe’s customers have a smooth transition onto our test cloud as Adobe winds down BrowserLab,” said John Dunham, CEO of Sauce Labs. “The closing of a service that you’ve relied upon can be a jarring experience. Adobe put great thought into helping their customers, and we appreciate they pointed their users our way.  We think BrowserLab users will appreciate the ability to investigate cross browser issues interactively and collaboratively across the Internet using Sauce.”
For web and visual developers, the wide range of browsers and OSes (operating systems) – including mobile browsers – ensures their web design looks and feels the way it was intended. The natural, interactive testing tool provides plug-in support for Firebug, screen snapshots and video recordings of tests and the ability to share live testing sessions with coworkers for real-time decisions. Site design can also be tested on mobile browsers for iPhones, Androids and iPads.
Enterprise developers affected by Adobe’s end-of-life for BrowserLab will find the security of Sauce Labs a key differentiator. Each virtual machine (VM) is a clean spin-up of the chosen OS and browser – which means no cookies or legacy data to pollute the testing, and no risk of leaving those behind. In addition, Sauce allows users to test against internal staging servers via Sauce’s one-click SSL tunnel.
Sauce Labs offers a cloud of over 100 browser and platform combinations – including mobile  – for automated and manual testing of web apps. The company’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) application is used by some of the largest consumer and enterprise brands today. The Sauce testing cloud is already used to run over two million tests each month, with that number continuing to grow. Its Mac Cloud also includes the newly released Appium on Sauce, a unique, cloud-based, automated testing platform for both native iOS apps and mobile web hybrid apps, and a mobile test cloud for web browsers on the Mac OS X, iOS and Android environments.
Sauce Labs has created a special program that provides BrowserLab users with 10 free hours of manual testing, with a limit of two concurrent sessions. Once that time is exhausted, users will revert to Sauce Labs’ free service, which provides 30 minutes of use per month. BrowserLab users can get a free account by going to, clicking on the “I have a promo code” link, and entering in the promo code “adobe” (case sensitive). The offer will be good for 30 days from today’s announcement date of March, 13, 2013.