IT ops analytics company from ex-Twitter, Google engineers launched
To help software-based companies handle Big Data, Wavefront, a company that analyzes streams of metrics data, announced the launch of its data analytics platform today. It allows users to visualize and query a wide range of metrics, including computing load and performance data.

The Wavefront platform helps enterprises optimize digital services and fix software failures. It offers the user the ability to harness Big Data with an analytics language, turning dataset connections into confirmed incidents, reducing false alarms, and avoiding degradation.

The platform also offers analysis, where dips and spikes in data can be filtered by their shape over time, allowing patterns of behavior to surface. Agile enterprises, Web platforms, SaaS or Anything-as-a-Service providers, can employ Wavefront for IT performance or availability issues, as well as:

  • Traditional monitoring to manipulate data with analytics in real time
  • Promote enterprise agility with capacity planning and resource utilization
  • Eliminate silos and standardize analytics with a Big Data analytics platform across the organization
  • Gain insights about the relationship among device, software and end user

Wavefront has a team made up of individuals from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo. Along with the announcement of the new platform, the company has announced a round of Series A funding led by Sequoia Capital.