Agitar Technologies, Inc. announces the release of AgitarOne 5.3 featuring the all new Functional Coverage Tracker. This expansion into functional testing promises to expand Agitar’s reach, appealing not only to their traditional audience of Java developers, but also to those tasked with quality assurance and testing.
The AgitarOne Functional Coverage Tracker delivers code coverage reporting from functional tests under any runtime environment. Functional coverage data is collected during Java application testing then presented for analysis in the same user-friendly GUI and dashboards already available in AgitarOne. The reporting also takes full advantage of AgitarOne’s robust Continuous Integration and Command Line Interface capabilities.
“AgitarOne provides actionable code coverage information not only for automatically generated JUnit tests, manually created JUnit tests, and software Agitation, but now also for functional testing of Java applications in various phases of a development cycle, including integration testing, system testing, user acceptance testing, etc.,” says Agitar’s VP of Technology, Dale Brenneman. “Furthermore, the Functional Coverage Tracker assists users regardless of their current development methodology, whether Agile, traditional ‘waterfall’, or others.”
“AgitarOne is well known for excellence in Java unit testing for the developer,” says David Belhumeur, CEO. “We believe this new product will please our current users and attract new users focused on the QA and testing side of the house.”
Other advancements in AgitarOne include Eclipse 3.7 Indigo support, direct Windows 64 bit hosting to provide performance improvements for Windows 64 bit users, and enhanced use of Cruise Control when using the latest Tomcat version.