Anthropic has announced new ways to interact with Claude that will facilitate better collaboration between users and the AI. 

Pro and Team customers can now save specific chats with Claude into a new feature called Projects, so that certain conversations live alongside other project information, such as style guides, codebases, interview transcripts, etc. “With Projects, you can get started much faster and extend your skills further for any task,” Anthropic wrote in a blog post

Users can also define instructions for each Project, such as telling Claude to use a more formal tone or answer questions from the perspective of a specific role. 

Each Project includes a 200K context window, which Anthropic says is the equivalent of a 500-page book.

A second new feature in preview, Artifacts, allows certain responses from Claude to appear in their own dedicated window alongside the conversation. These include things like code snippets, text documents, graphics, diagrams, or website designs. “Artifacts especially enhance Claude’s coding capabilities for developers, offering a larger code window and live previews for frontends that streamline reviews,” Anthropic wrote.

And finally, Claude Team users will now be able to share conversations with Claude into an activity feed that can be accessed by teammates. “Activity feeds help each teammate get inspired around different ways to work with Claude, and helps the entire team uplevel their skills working with AI,” Anthropic wrote.

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