Google has developed a conversational technology within Google Ads intended to help create campaigns and simplify navigating Search ads by merging the user’s understanding with Google AI.

Marketers can give Google AI the landing page they want for their campaign and it will provide a summary of it. From there, it will give keywords, titles, pictures, and other assets for one’s campaign. Users can also change these ideas if needed. “Now, users can chat their way into better performance — ask Google AI for ideas, just like you might ask a colleague,” Jerry Dischler, the vice president and general manager of Ads at Google, wrote in a blog post

Google will soon be adding generative AI to automatically created assets (ACA) for ads to more effectively create and adapt Search ads based on the context of a query. 

“For example, with a search for ‘skin care for dry sensitive skin,’ AI can use content from your landing page and existing ads to create a new headline that aligns even more closely with the query, such as ‘Soothe Your Dry, Sensitive Skin,’” Dischler wrote. “This helps you improve ad relevance while staying true to your brand.”

Generative AI is now being integrated into Performance Max, which will allow users to produce custom assets and increase them in a few clicks. Users will provide their website and Google AI will use it to learn about their brand and fill their campaign with captions and other significant assets. It will also give suggestions for new images and assist in making an impression on customers across larger ranges of inventory and forms.

Advertisers who employ Performance Max usually get more than 18% more conversions for a similar cost per action without it, according to Google. 

At Google I/O, the company unveiled a new Search Generative Experience (SGE) that can be found in Search Labs. The company stated that it will experiment with Search and Shopping ads being integrated into an AI-enabled snapshot and conversational mode. Also being trialed are new formats exclusive to SGE that use generative AI to generate appropriate and top-notch ads that are tailored to each part of the search process.