LibreChat is an open source project that brings various LLMs into one interface, including models from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Groq, Anthropic, Mistral and more. 

The benefit of using this platform over any one specific platform is that you can utilize one interface for all of your AI needs, whether it’s talking to ChatGPT, generating images with Claude, and more.

It allows conversations to be edited, resubmitted or even branched off into separate conversations. Other features include the ability to import/export conversations, search messages, fork messages or conversations, and switch between AI endpoints and presets in the middle of a conversation.

“LibreChat brings together the future of assistant AIs with the revolutionary technology of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Celebrating the original styling, LibreChat gives you the ability to integrate multiple AI models. It also integrates and enhances original client features such as conversation and message search, prompt templates and plugins. With LibreChat, you no longer need to opt for ChatGPT Plus and can instead use free or pay-per-call APIs,” the project’s GitHub page states. 

The project was created in April 2023 and has already grown to 14K stars on GitHub and has over 130 developers contributing to the project. 

The 2024 roadmap for the project includes things like role based access control, temporary chats, a wizard to help with making presets, improved tooling for all endpoints, and more. 

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