OpenAI on Monday announced ChatGPT Enterprise, its first commercial offering around generative artificial intelligence.

Among its features are enterprise-grade security, greater high-speed GPT-4 access, customization, advanced data analytics and more, according to a blog post on OpenAI’s website. OpenAI is backed by Microsoft, which is the exclusive cloud partner for OpenAI..

“Since ChatGPT’s launch just nine months ago, we’ve seen teams adopt it in over 80% of Fortune 500 companies,” OpenAI wrote in its announcement. “We’ve heard from business leaders that they’d like a simple and safe way of deploying it in their organization. Early users of ChatGPT Enterprise … are redefining how they operate and are using ChatGPT to craft clearer communications, accelerate coding tasks, rapidly explore answers to complex business questions, assist with creative work, and much more.”

The announcement made the point that ChatGPT Enterprise does not train on individual organizations’ data, and the models don’t learn from its usage, ensuring the privacy of the data – the new solution is SOC 2 compliant, according to OpenAI.

Further, the admin console provides for management of team members, with SSO and domain verification, and an analytics dashboard that offers insights into usage. These capabilities enable organizations to scale their deployment enterprise-wide, OpenAI said in its statement.

Finally, OpenAI wrote that ChatGPT Enterprise gives users unlimited access to high-speed GPT-4, with 32K token context windows for four times longer inputs and follow-ups.

Other features in the works for future release, according to the OpenAI blog post, are:

  • Customization: Securely extend ChatGPT’s knowledge with your company data by connecting the applications you already use
  • Availability for all team sizes: a self-serve ChatGPT Business offering for smaller teams
  • Power tools: Even more powerful versions of Advanced Data Analysis and browsing that are optimized for work
  • Solutions for your function: more tools for specific roles, such as data analysts, marketers, customer support and more

ChatGPT Enterprise is the latest offering in the growing generative AI market, with companies such as Google (Bard), IBM (watsonx), Meta (LLaMa2 model) and Stack Overflow (,  bringing their own offerings to market, and companies such as Toptal offering generative AI services.