ServiceNow has released updates to its Now Assist portfolio, which is the company’s generative AI suite. 

Now Assist in Virtual Agent is a feature that allows users to create and deploy their own chatbots. ServiceNow has added support for Q&A in Knowledge Management and multi-turn conversations that allow customers to provide additional context within the chat.

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Another update is flow generation, which generates workflow blueprints. It can generate them from plain text and automatically convert them into the proper workflows. Developers can later make adjustments to those workflows using App Engine’s no-code interface.

The final update is the release of Now Assist for Field Service Management, which is designed specifically for field service teams. It uses generative AI on activity, parts, and incidental data to help summarize work order tasks. 

“Our customers are facing increasingly complex and competitive dynamics across industries and AI holds the key to enabling faster execution, smarter decision making, and greater business agility,” said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer of ServiceNow. “ServiceNow is leading the charge, by intelligently integrating generative AI into the core of the Now Platform and enabling organizations to harness AI securely and confidently to drive unprecedented speed to value for their business.”