Is there a link between a project’s build progress and its source-code quality? Rally thinks there should be, and it has updated its Rally Agile ALM platform to bring both together.

The latest version of the platform gives a deeper look into development workflows, and it indicates what builds source code is in, explained Todd Olson, the company’s product-line manager. The new version of the platform works with SCM and build-management tools, such as Git, Hudson, Perforce and Subversion, to let the Rally software track the relationships between stories, defects, tasks, builds and source-code check-ins.

The software also generates new traceability reports to show defects within the source code, and those reports can guide developers and QA teams to where code should be refactored, Olson said.

The company has also created a new integration framework that synchronizes the Rally ALM platform with external systems. Rally is offering bidirectional connectors to Bugzilla, HP Quality Center and IBM ClearQuest, Olson said.

Rally also updated its App SDK, which now provides users with “data-driven components or building blocks,” Olson said. This updated SDK provides assembly components to help developers build their own apps, he added. In addition to the SDK, Rally’s App Catalog now includes a set of commonly requested apps used to extend applications.

Finally, the company has created a JavaScript interface to let developers embed its platform’s data and reports into collaboration tools such as Google Sites and SharePoint. This new capability allows users to take any application or enterprise report and layer it into wikis or dashboards, Olson said.