In an attempt to bring the concept of value stream beyond DevOps operations roles, Broadcom today announced an update to its ValueOps software that brings investment management and Agile management into its solution.

Broadcom is integrating its Clarity investment planning software and its Rally Agile management software to provide visibility and metrics to all stakeholders tasked with ensuring the organization is delivering value.

In an interview with SD Times, Serge Lucio, vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Software Division at Broadcom, said the integration expands the view of value stream management from flow — how efficiently the organization is delivering product — to accounting for value. “For most everyone, value stream management is about velocity and predictability,” Lucio said. “Integrating this with flow is at the core of our announcement.”

Lucio also noted in the company’s announcement that Broadcom’s implementation of value stream management provides executives “with a major leap forward in how they can understand and analyze priorities, capacity, progress and results within their organizations.”

Highlights of the capabilities of ValueOps include digital product management features that visualize programs, teams and other investment objects in ways that the business can best understand. ValueOps also provides context-aware insights by aggregating organizational data in real time to give a full picture of delivery, performance and return on investment. Organizations, Lucio told SD Times, need to “think about your systems as a collection of digital services,” and apply business metrics that go along with flow metrics.

The solution now also helps technical leaders by connecting the work to strategic investment plans, business goals and OKRs, to ensure “resources are efficiently delivering the highest priority and most valuable initiatives,” the company said in its announcement. Further, ValueOps now maps value streams to investment decisions, creating better transparency.

To learn more about this innovative approach to value streams, Broadcom is hosting a Value Stream Management Virtual Summit on June 23.