Altova, announced the release of Version 2017 Release 3 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software products. This release includes new revolutionary back-mapping of XSLT and XQuery output in XMLSpy, a powerful new ‘join’ component for data mapping in MapForce, and the ability to convert a StyleVision design to a MobileTogether mobile app design. This release also introduces a new edition of MapForce Server called MapForce Server Accelerator Edition with specific optimizations for customers who need super-high performance processing in their data transformations.

“Exceeding the expectations of our users is always a goal, and we are thrilled to again announce unique new and innovative features inspired by customer feedback,” said Alexander Falk, CEO and President of Altova. “These new features should save developers incredible amounts of time as they build the next generation of cutting edge applications.”

Here are a few highlights of the newly released features:

  • XSLT and XQuery back-mapping is a new feature in XMLSpy that allows a developer to click on or mouse over elements in an output document and instantly see the source XML node and XSLT or XQuery expression that produced that portion of the output. This unique functionality, which doesn’t modify the output document at all, saves incredible amounts of time in debugging, refining, and perfecting XSLT and XQuery code. See it in action in this video:
  • Support for JSON5, a proposed extension to the JSON specification, in XMLSpy, MapForce, MapForce Server, and RaptorXML Server adds to existing support for JSON and JSON Schema editing, validation, generation, and conversion across the product line.
  • The new “join” component in MapForce allows a user to join data trees of any data format, similar to a SQL JOIN statement. This easy-to-use and intuitive feature can even be used between two different data types. When applied to databases, the join component in MapForce produces SQL JOIN statements, achieving fast data mapping execution.
  • StyleVision now offers the ability to convert a StyleVision design to a MobileTogether design. This means you can take an existing Authentic Form and use it as a starting point for creating a mobile app! You can open the design in the free MobileTogether Designer, change it as necessary, and then deploy it in any web browser avoiding any need for a browser plug in, or as a native app that may be accessed on mobile devices and Windows 8/10 computers.
  • MapForce Server Accelerator Edition, a new, even higher performance edition of MapForce Server, contains several optimizations including multi-threading of execution of individual data mappings and optimization for execution of data mappings that include the new MapForce join component. Our testing has shown some existing data mappings submitted by customers perform up to 70 times faster* when run by the MapForce Server Accelerator Edition.
  • And many more…

These and many additional features are available in Version 2017 Release 3 of MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software products. For a complete list of new features, supported standards, and trial downloads please visit:

*Performance results based on Altova internal tests. Your results may vary.