Amazon is making its streaming application, AppStream, available to all interested developers. AppStream was originally introduced four months ago at the company’s AWS reInvent conference, but at the time was only made available to an initial group of developers.

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“You can now use AppStream to build complex applications that run from simple devices, unconstrained by the compute power, storage, or graphical rendering capabilities of the device,” according to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog.

AppStream allows developers to stream apps and games from the cloud. It renders and deploys a developer’s app on its AWS infrastructure and streams the output to computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Developers can choose to stream either all or parts of their applications from the cloud.

AWS AppStream

To go along with the launch, Amazon introduced new features to AppStream. It includes automated version resolution capabilities that detect the version of the SDK used to create a client and automatically launches compatible back-end services. It also has Mac client support with an OSX SDK, an improved client SDK to add support for game controllers, and a simplified getting-started experience so developers can launch their first application smoothly.

AppStream also introduced the G2 instance type, allowing developers to take advantage of capabilities such as high-performance GPU-powered rendering of 2D and 3D graphics.

AppStream supports streaming applications to Android, Fire OS, iOS, Mac OS and Windows.

For more information, an AppStream Developer Guide is available.