There’s a new tool designed to simplify asynchronous code for front-end Web developers, and a free online course to go with it.

The tool is called JavaScript Promises, and it converts a tangle of callbacks and event handlers into straightforward code so developers can avoid running into complicated code when performing multiple actions in a row.

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The online course was built in collaboration with Google and Udacity, a free online program organization, according to the Android Developer blog. In the course, developers can learn how to handle asynchronous work by using native JavaScript Promises to write code that is easy to debug.

The course is supposed to last about 24 hours. It walks developers through building an “Exoplanet Explorer” app that reads and displays live data using Promises, according to the Android Developer blog. Additionally, developers can learn to use the Fetch API. The course can be found on Udacity’s website.

There are no HTML or CSS in the class; instead, the JavaScript skills the course requires are:
• using functions to return objects and other functions
• basic understanding of scope and closures
• reading and writing named and anonymous callbacks
• array methods like .forEach and .map
• the ability to use GitHub to clone repos and checkout branches
• comfort with command-line tools