The Android Development Team has begun rolling out the third Android P beta. According to the company, this beta release is very close to what the final version of the upcoming operating system will look like.

Android P Beta 3 features the latest bug fixes and optimizations for stability and polish. The preview released yesterday includes the Beta 3 system images for Pixel devices, the Android Emulator, and an update to the Android Studio build that includes D8 as an independent tool.

According to Google, with this beta, developers should have everything needed to test apps or extend them with Android P features like multi-camera support, display cutout, enhanced notifications, ImageDecoder, TextClassifier, and many others.

Developers can ensure that their apps are compatible with Android P by installing the current app from Google Play on an Android P Beta device or emulator, the team explained. Developers that do not have a supported device can set up an Android Virtual Device on the Android Emulator as a test environment.

Developers should also update their app’s targetSdkVersion to 28 as soon as possible, Google recommended. In addition, they should make sure to test apps for uses of non-SDK interfaces and reduce reliance on them.

To start using the new APIs, developers can use the latest version of Android Studio 3.2 or download the official API 28 SDK and tools into Android Studio 3.1.