Google is providing a new course for developing apps for Auto
Google has announced a new course in collaboration with Udacity to help developers extend their media and messaging apps to cars. The course, Ubiquitous Computing with Android Auto, will teach developers how to implement message apps and how audio players work, and also provide a complete music-player sample.


“If you have an interest in Android-based messaging or media apps, then you need to learn about Android Auto,” wrote Wayne Piekarski, developer advocate for Google, in a blog post. “Users want to be able to take their experience to other places, such as their cars, and not just on their phones. Having Auto support will allow you to differentiate your app, and give users another reason to try it.”

Ceylon prepares to release Ceylon 1.2
Ceylon 1.2, a programming language designed to run on Java and JavaScript virtual machines, will be released in a few days, according to Ceylon’s blog.

Ceylon is a cross-platform language that is at home on the JVM and on any JavaScript VM. Some other features of Ceylon are static typing, readable syntax, modularity and tooling, and Web development capabilities.

More information on Ceylon can be found here.