Google is adding new developer tools to its Google Play Developer Console. The company announced the availability of Universal App Campaigns and user acquisition performance reporting.

Universal App Campaigns allow developers to set up ad campaigns to promote their applications across Google Play, Google Search, YouTube and Google Display Network.

User acquisition performance reporting provides developers with insight into where their users are coming from, how many install the app, and how many make purchases within the app.

Microsoft adds security features to Azure SQL Database
Microsoft is securing its Azure SQL Database with layers of new security features.

“From the smallest startup to the largest enterprise, data security is increasingly top of mind for all businesses, especially as they continue to target the cloud for both new and existing applications,” wrote T.K. Rengarajan, corporate vice president for data platform, cloud and enterprise at Microsoft, in a blog post.

The new features include Always Encrypted, Transparent Data Encryption, support for Azure Active Directory authentication, Row-Level Security, dynamic data masking, and threat detection.

Ghost Push malware infects Android devices
Despite recent malware-related reports of threats against Apple’s iOS ecosystem, hackers are still attacking Android, according to BGR. BGR said that as many as 900,000 devices in 116 countries seem to be infected by the malware known as “Ghost Push” because Android users have been tricked into downloading fake versions of apps that would normally be trusted.

In a report, Cheetah Mobile Security Research lab is warning Android users against Ghost Push, which is capable of installing additional malware tools on a device. Ghost Push can live in the phone’s root folder, making it difficult to remove, according to BGR.