Another record-breaking Cyber Monday is in the books, and mobile devices made massive gains in percentages of online traffic and sales, while iOS and Android duked it out for the lion’s share.

Mobile made up a 31.7% chunk of all online traffic—a 45% increase from 2012—and more than 17% of total online sales, a 55.4% bump from last year according to an IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark report.

Within that staggering mobile growth was a war between iOS and Android, in which iOS won all three battles decisively. iOS made up 22.4% of all online traffic and 14.5% of sales, with average user orders of US$120.29. Android, on the other hand, raked in only 9.1% of traffic and 2.6% of sales, averaging $106.70 per user order.

The mobile breakdown gets more complicated between smartphones and tablets, though. Smartphones made up 19.7% of overall online traffic compared to 11.5% from tablets, but tablets accounted for 11.7% of online sales, more than doubling that of smartphones at 5.5%. So while more users browsed with smartphones, tablets closed the deals.

(Black Friday 2013: The perfect storm of online shopping)

This year’s Cyber Monday also beat out Black Friday by 31.5% in online sales, though mobile sales and traffic took 21% and 20% dives, respectively, from Black Friday.

All told, Cyber Monday sales were up 20.6% from last year to cap a record five-day online sales period beginning on Thanksgiving Day, a growth of 16.5% from 2012.