The Android operating system is one of the top platforms to develop for, but it’s not always the easiest. Android no longer just runs on phones; it runs on tablets, watches, virtual reality devices, in cars, on the Internet of Things and more. This scope of choices can make things difficult for developers.

To solve this problem, Android Tips & Tricks has developed a cheat sheet for Android development.  

“This is a simple set of tips and tricks regarding Android Development which I have gathered from various sources. It helps me direct other android devs in my community regarding stuff each android dev should know about. It is also there for me to keep track of anything I either learn on my own or from other sources now and then when browsing the internet,” Nishant Srivastava, project creator, wrote on the GitHub page.

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The GitHub project covers tools, how to make better choices while coding, user experience, and convenient resources.

Some tips and tricks include:

  • Android Studio keyboard shortcuts
  • Plug-ins for efficiency
  • Recommended emulators
  • Speeding up gradle builds
  • UI/UX advice
  • How to use Kotlin, and
  • Sites to bookmark to stay up to date with all the latest Android news

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