Last week, Samsung announced its first foldable phone and Google announced support for foldable screens. Google has outlined a set of recommendations for developers to follow to ensure that their apps run well on foldable screens.

Developers should ensure that their apps support runtime configuration changes, multi-window mode, and multiple displays.

More details are available here.

Telerik reveals Fiddler Everywhere
Progress Telerik has announced Fiddler Everywhere, the latest version of the HTTP debugging solution. New features include cross-platform support, a sleek UI, and improved user experience. The company is also making Fiddler Everywhere free.

Cloudflare launches
Cloudflare has launched, which is a public DNS resolver. Along with, the company also announced a mobile app to make it easy to use on phones.

“We launched on April 1st. Frankly, we’ve been blown away by how many people actually made the switch. Changing your network settings is not easy, but if our traffic amount is any indication, many of you made the effort. Thank you! That said, even more people are not able to make those changes, particularly on mobile devices. We want everyone to have access to faster and more private Internet, and the millions of sites on Cloudflare value the performance boost they get when visited by users,” Cloudflare wrote in a post.

DataStax launches its own distribution of Apache Cassandra
DataStax has announced its own distribution of Apache Cassandra. DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra (DDAC) is offered as a subscription and can be used to run a certified version of Apache Cassandra. DDAC includes a DataStax Bulk Loader Utility to make data migrations easy and business day (8×5) or 24×7 support.