SmartBear Software announced TestComplete 12.2, with features like the new Environment Manager and connection to an on-demand cloud testing lab.

Environment Manager is powered by CrossBrowserTesting, a division of SmartBear acquired in 2016, and it gives teams access to services provided by CrossBrowserTesting, which is a cloud testing platform with more than 300,000 users, according to the company.

The new Environment Manager also enables development and QA teams to report on automated UI tests by connecting to CrossBrowserTesting. Tests can run in parallel, metrics can be analyzed, and users can gain access to live a desktop browser to debug issues like HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

More information can be found here.

Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform 3.4 available
Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.4, the latest version of its container application platform. This platform aims to help organizations utilize technologies like Linux containers so they can better develop their business applications.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.4 integrates architectures, processes and services so companies can enable delivery of their traditional, legacy and container-native applications and containerized workloads, according to the company.

New features include container storage enabled by Red Hat Gluster Storage, which supports dynamic provisioning and push-button deployment. Teams can also run fully isolated life-cycle environments on a single Kubernetes cluster in the OpenShift Container Platform.

More features can be found here.

Android Security looks into malicious apps
Research from the Android Security Team identified security-related reasons for why Android devices stop working, and how to prevent that from happening.

One solution that software engineer Megan Ruthven writes about in an Android Developers blog is Verify apps, a solution that checks to see if there are Potentially Harmful Apps (PHAs) on a device. She wrote that when a PHA is found, “Verify apps warns the user and enables them to uninstall the app.”

When Verify apps doesn’t work, developers should consider flagging Dead or Insecure (DOI) apps. Android uses the DOI metric and other security measures to figure out when an app is a PHA, and when vulnerabilities are discovered, the team patches Android devices with its security update system.

Nimbix’s new strategy for enterprises, developers
Nimbix announced a new solution that focuses on three capabilities that benefit enterprise computing, end users, and developers.

The new strategy focuses on JARVICE Compute for high-performance processing, PushToComplete for application developers creating high-performance workflows, and MaterialCompute, a brand new user interface.

The newest offering is MaterialCompute, which aims to reduce clicks, improve flows, and optimize displays on mobile and desktop. Developers can use MaterialCompute to create and manage applications, and then interface seamlessly to PushToCompute mechanisms, according to the company.