Jinfonet Software, the leading provider in Java reporting solutions, today announced JReport 11. The new release provides advanced data visualization with a powerful dashboard system and a mobile solution.   

JReport 11’s robust data visualization features 40+ chart types and styles now enhanced with live charting including motion, real-time, and scrollable charts. Motion charts allow users to dynamically view data trends by auto-playing chart parameters. For example, you can put a chart in motion to show month-by-month changes over the course of a year. Real-time charts enable any web services data feed to be displayed and refreshed automatically. It can be used for monitoring applications, including system performance, stock charts, and real time applications. Scrollable charts let users easily zoom in and out on the chart axis for inspection of details. 

With JDashboard, end users can create and interact with highly visual, drag and drop dashboards, mashing up dashboard components accessing different data sources or any JReport component. Existing reports and their components can be added directly to JDashboard in a tab or as dashboard components. Users can even add third-party components like Google Maps or any other web page for convenient integration with external information.

“Once again Jinfonet is pushing the envelope of data visualization and BI usability” said Dr. Bing Yao, President of Jinfonet Software. “JReport 11 continues our mission to deliver data visualization, discovery, and self-service tools to our users on all modern platforms.”

JReport 11 also introduces mobile visualization. Users will be able to view dashboards directly on their iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch via a free download from Apple’s App Store. Adding a mobile solution allows users instant access to critical business information anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the visualization enhancements, JReport 11 will also offer improved performance. This new version has been optimized for increased usability and is compatible with both HTML5 and Flash technologies. The addition of HTML5 will provide faster web reporting performance and simpler integration with other applications on all platforms while still maintaining a highly visual appeal. For a first look at JReport 11’s new features contact sales@jinfonet.com to schedule a live demo.