The Apache Software Foundation is announcing a number of updates across its projects portfolio. Apache Calcite 1.12, Apache FreeMarker 2.3.26, Apache Gora 0.7, Apache Phoenix 4.10.0, and Apache Solr 6.5 were released with a slew of new features and improvements.

Apache Phoenix is an online transaction processing (OLTP) and operational analytics solution for Apache Hadoop and low-latency apps. Version 4.10.0 of the project features more than 40 bug fixes, improved Hive integration, enhanced UPSERT SELECT performance, ability to consume Apache Kafka message, support for Apache 2.0 and reduced disk footprint.

Apache Gora is a Big Data open-source framework for in-memory data model and persistence. It supports column stores, key value stores, document stores, RDBMSs and data analysis with Apache Hadoop MapReduce. Apache Gora 0.7 was released last week to address 80 issues, and support new projects. Support includes Apache Avro 1.8.1, Hadoop 2.5.2, HBase 1.2.3, Cassandra 2.0.2, Solr 5.5.1 and MongoDB 3.4.2.

The open-source NoSQL search platform Apache Solr has reached version 6.5.0. Apache Solr is built on Apache Lucene, a text search engine, and is designed to provide distributed indexing, replication, load-based querying, automated failover, automated recovery and centralized configuration. The latest release includes support for PointFields, updates to numeric docValues fields, a new LatLonPointSpatialField, support for span queries with the XML QueryParser, and improvements to the Admin UI, Metrics API, and StreamHandler.

The template engine Apache FreeMarker has been updated to version 2.3.26. FreeMarker is a Java library that is still incubating in the Apache Software Foundation, meaning it has not graduated to an Apache project. It is designed to generate text output based on templates and changing data, according to the team. The latest version, 2.3.26 incubating, includes new keys, a workaround to expose Java 8 default methods to templates, a new interface, and improved error messages.

Apache Calcite is a data management framework designed with a SQL parser, validator and JDBC driver; query optimization; and the ability to connect to third-party data sources. Version 1.12.0 features 95 resolved issues, support for JDK 9, support for Guava 21.0, new SQL syntax and functions, and two new adapters: The file adapter to read various file formats, and the pig adapter to provide an SQL interface to Apache Pig.

More information on Apache updates and improvements are available here.