Infragistics Ignite UI includes new features and enhancements to its Angular data grid, new theming capabilities and a set of new Material-inspired industry icons to improve productivity for developers. 

The new themes for application design provide UI developers and designers with two new palettes to apply to their applications. 

Also new filtering, sorting and editing capabilities that have been added to the Tree Grid and the Hierarchical Grid. 

Additional details on the new release are available here.

API Fortress releases product roadmap
API Fortress said that its upcoming platform will offer enhanced UI and capabilities that specifically appeal to developers. 

“The upcoming API Fortress platform will extend its unique ease of effective test generation, enhanced visibility, and seamless collaboration to developers and project managers,” API Fortress wrote in a post.

In addition, all updates to the platform will be made without losing any backward compatibility.

Puppet announces partnership with Replicated on Kubernetes-based software delivery 
Through the partnership, Replicated’s KOTS (Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf) platform gives Puppet a way to deliver, scale and operationalize Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise.

“Replicated’s KOTS platform leverages the power of Kubernetes and allows us to deliver our software in a reliable, scalable, and cloud-native way. This enables us to focus on building and innovating on the products our customers love,” said Abby Kearns, the CTO of Puppet.

Replicated’s KOTS platform enables software vendors to seamlessly and continuously deliver cloud-native applications to an increasingly complex and diverse array of target customer environments, according to the company.

Additional details are available here.