Hyperloop won’t be done for a few years. That is, the mass transit system named Hyperloop won’t be ready for many years. Appcelerator’s Hyperloop, on the other hand, is available today in Appcelerator 5.4. This addition to the Titanium SDK allows developers to access all APIs on iOS and Android directly from JavaScript.

Jeff Haynie, co-founder and CEO of Appcelerator, wrote on the company blog that his company’s Titanium SDK had a few gaps in API coverage for those developing cross-platform binaries in JavaScript. Hyperloop, he wrote, closes those gaps.

“But of course there are always some APIs that are distinct to the OS and not covered by the Titanium API set. To use these capabilities, you needed to build custom Titanium modules in the native OS language. We provide some of these modules; our Marketplace provides lots of others from community members,” wrote Haynie.

Haynie wrote that Titanium will continue to be supported, as will Titanium modules. Developers looking to mix in Swift with their iOS applications will be able to add Swift classes to their applications and offer access to those classes within JavaScript.

Hyperloop is included with the commercial versions of Appcelerator: Pro, Team and Enterprise. The team plans to add Windows support soon, but currently supports only Android and iOS.