The new Linux host monitoring dashboard by Circonus is designed to enable users to efficiently and accurately monitor their Linux hosts and to diagnose and resolve issues. 

The solution utilizes the company’s Circonus Unified Agent (CUA), which is a single collection agent that consolidates all host and services monitoring.

“One of the top issues we hear from companies who are frustrated with their monitoring systems is lack of clarity into their data and time to identify and resolve issues. Our Linux host monitoring dashboard directly addresses this challenge,” Kevin Kamel, the vice president of product and customer success at Circonus wrote in a blog post. “It collects and graphs more metrics than other solutions, giving users immediate, deep insights into their systems. As a result, they can more efficiently make sense of their data, troubleshoot issues, and validate that everything is working as expected.”

API company Reshuffle joins Twitter
The Reshuffle team will join the Developer Platform team at Twitter, where they’ll focus on key areas across product, engineering and developer relations to advance the Twitter API. 

Reshuffle previously built an integration platform that lets developers easily build workflows and connect systems using any API. 

While Reshuffle will be winding down its commercial product, their team will continue to offer its open source project for the developer community, according to a blog post.

Python Package Index becomes a GitHub secret scanning integrator
Starting today, GitHub will scan every commit to a public repository for exposed PyPI API tokens. 

Then, any discovered tokens will be forwarded to PyPI, which will automatically disable them and notify their owners. 

In addition, GitHub Advanced Security customers can now also scan their private repositories for leaked secrets.

Additional details on the new features are available here.

UpConnectMe social media platform launched
The UpConnectMe social media platform offers a secure and ad-free environment for interaction with friends and family.

“Through countless hours of research, I have discovered that those who value privacy enough will be willing to pay for it. So now, for the price of one coffee per month, a safe and secure platform can be utilized to interact with friends and family without having to worry about ads or data mining,” said Anil Nimmagadda, a Naples, FL entrepreneur. 

UpConnectMe is available through monthly subscription fee of around $4 for users to have access to an ad-free environment with no data mining, AI or algorithms.