MuleSoft today announced the availability of Universal API Management (UAPIM) on its Anypoint Platform. This comes as a collection of new and existing products geared at providing MuleSoft customers with a single control plane to enable visibility, flexible management, and governance at scale. 

According to MuleSoft, with this, enterprises are able to work with APIs of any origin, in any architecture or environment while engaging their internal or external ecosystems. 

With the use of new and updated products, UAPIM is intended to help users accelerate application delivery, build modern architectures and applications, achieve consistent security and governance, and create vibrant API ecosystems.

UAPIM on Anypoint Platform also brings developers Flex Gateway, which allows them to control and secure APIs running anywhere with fast response times and a low footprint. According to MuleSoft, the gateway integrates seamlessly with both DevOps and CI/CD workflows. 

Flex Gateway allows developers to deliver the performance demanded of them for certain applications. This works to simplify both development and manageability. 

API product managers also benefit from this because the ability to create a single source of truth for all enterprise APIs in Anypoint Exchange results in every API becoming discoverable and accessible. 

Every API can then be productized and governed to a consistent quality to make them more consumable. 

In addition, with the new Anypoint API Governance, architects can govern APIs to consistent quality and security to comply with both industry standards and internal regulations.

To learn more, visit the website.