Apigee, the API company, today launched the next generation of its leading API platform, which makes the full power of its enterprise-grade API management services available to anyone. The Apigee API platform features new self-service access — offered at no cost up to 3.5 million API calls per month —  to its complete, expanded set of services for building, managing and driving ongoing business value from APIs and the apps built on them.  With Apigee, any organization can now participate in the exploding app economy, where mobile apps are increasingly driving communication, connection and e-commerce.
To sign up and start using the Apigee API platform, go to http://apigee.com/about/sign-up.
“We’ve worked with some of the largest businesses in the world to build and support highly sophisticated and complex systems that easily handle billions of APIcalls per day. We’ve now taken this technology and simplified it so that any organization, from a developer in a garage to a Fortune 50 company, can launch like a startup and scale like an enterprise,” said Chet Kapoor, Apigee CEO. “Apps are quickly changing the way we all interact and do business—and APIs bring apps to life with rich streams of data and Web services. We are confident that the Apigee API platform will dramatically accelerate the growth of the app economy.”
The new Apigee API Platform comprises a comprehensive range of integrated services for building, delivering and driving ongoing business value from APIs and the apps built on them.  Featuring risk-free, self-service access and unlimited scaling, Apigee supports businesses at every stage in their API initiative — from pilot projects to massive infrastructures with billions of API calls every day.
“Apigee is redefining API management to include the entire API and app lifecycle,” explained Michele Turner, CMO at mBlox. “mBlox has been working with the next generation of the Apigee platform to bring our enterprise-grade messaging, push notification and geolocation APIs to a broader range of customers. Apigee’s new platform is an extremelyrobust enterprise solution that we can configure ourselves, reducing our time to market.”
The four key capabilities available on the new Apigee API platform include:
Gateway Services: for safely exposing, managing and scaling APIs.  Apigee’s Gateway Services empower organizations to transform existing data assets into beautiful APIs, with security, control and  world-class scalability. With easy-to-use self-service tools, businesses can create powerful, customized API-based products for developers, partners and employees.
App Services: for building powerful apps with APIs. Apigee App Services (built on the Usergrid open source technology) gives developers the features to build engaging, innovative apps, including social graph, user management, data storage, geo-location, and more.
Developer Channel Services: for creating a developer community around APIs and apps. Apigee delivers everything customers need to create a powerful developer on-boarding experience and create an engaging developer community. With Apigee’s Developer Channel Services, organizations can quickly launch a developer portal with unique features such as API consoles.

Analytics Services: for generating critical business insights from API data.  The new Apigee API platform includes significantly enhanced and integrated analytics capabilities to help customers extract businessinsights from the massive amount of API data generated.
Apigee is experiencing strong growth as businesses increasingly align their IT strategies and investments with the explosion in informationconsumption on mobile devices and other platforms. Today, nearly 20 percent of top 100 companies listed in the Fortune 500 use Apigee, and over 100 billion API calls per month run through the Apigee platform. Global enterprises using Apigee include Walgreens, Netflix, Bechtel and Getty Images.
Apigee also announced today the results of its 2012 Holiday Shopping survey of over 2,200 American adults. The findings underscore the importance of mobile apps for consumers and retailers. For more information, go to http://apigee.com/about/pr.
Pricing and Availability
The next generation of the Apigee API platform is available today. To sign up and start using Apigee, go to http://apigee.com/about/sign-up.

Apigee is free to use for up to 3.5 million API calls per month. For larger enterprise API programs, Apigee offers Apigee Enterprise, a premium set of API management services and support.  Apigee Enterprise starts at less than $9k per month, with pricing based on API traffic and analytics storage capacity. For more details, please go to http://apigee.com/about/pricing.