Observability company Catchpoint has announced its newest user experience monitoring platform, Catchpoint Symphony.  

This new platform was designed based on input from hundreds of users and usability studies. According to Catchpoint, Symphony is intuitive to use, which makes it easy to get started with. It provides a common toolset with simplified workloads. 

Customers can use it to perform advanced testing and monitoring, and analyze and correlate broader data sets. 

This will allow them to visualize user experience, service, application, and network performance across data sources like real user monitoring data, BGP and network data, and user sentiment and proactive tests.

According to tests by the company, Catchpoint Symphony outperforms other UX systems by 83%. Issues can be identified within 10 seconds using the platform. 

“Enterprises increasingly rely on public infrastructure to deliver services and reach users globally – commercial Internet, multi-access edge computing (MEC), multi-CDNs, Internet security, hybrid-cloud, and SaaS” said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO at Catchpoint. “Although the business benefits of leveraging public infrastructure are tremendous, it introduces a lot of complexity and dangerous blind spots, leaving our customers vulnerable to business impacting outages. It also makes it harder to identify and troubleshoot issues proactively before they impact digital user experience. With Symphony and the Catchpoint platform, our customers can remove the inherit public infrastructure blind spots and can identify and fix problems faster than before.”