The digital experience monitoring company Catchpoint today announced that it will be expanding its open-source web performance testing suite, WebPageTest. 

The new Opportunities and Experiments are intended to help teams code with confidence, instantly provide actionable insights, and provide automated experiments for implementing best practices and building strong websites.

These new features work to automatically generate and test performance tweaks in order to eliminate blocking scripts, optimized image rendering, and minimize layout shifts with no code changes.

“For devs and businesses alike, WebPageTest is continuing to evolve as the gold-standard of performance testing,” says Mehdi Daoudi, CEO at Catchpoint. “Teams will save countless hours of triage by accelerating performance prototyping for both production and in-prod sites. The ability to test and tweak major performance improvements without changing any production code will help to remove red tape and improve the org-wide adoption of performance as a culture.”

According to Catchpoint, with WebPageTest Opportunities IT teams have access to suggested best practices like deferred or async JavaScript, right-sized images, and security fundamentals. With this feature, teams can create fast and aesthetic websites that serve to entice more users.

WebPageTest Experiments works to provide users with custom and automatically generated tests that point out areas where their website could benefit from specific improvements with zero code changes to the database.

Without the need to alter any code, developers are able to gauge the potential success level of their performance tuning, improving the pace of development and increasing the ability to produce code confidently.

Additionally, the company is also enhancing the experience with access to Private Tests, Bulk Tests, and Priority Testing. 

More information can be found on the website.