Datadog is introducing new end-to-end monitoring capabilities for AWS Lambda with the release of a new integration with AWS X-Ray, a distributed tracing solution that helps developers analyze and debug apps in production.

According to the company, while serverless functions have many benefits, they introduce complexity in application performance monitoring. Because AWS Lambda runs on AWS infrastructure where traditional instrumentation methods can’t be deployed, DevOps teams don’t get a complete picture of what’s happening with their applications.

“Serverless applications are rapidly becoming an important part of our customers’ environments, with significant growth in adoption since AWS Lambda was released,” said Daniel Langer, product manager at Datadog. “We are expanding our capabilities to enable customers to successfully monitor and troubleshoot serverless applications in Datadog, beginning with Cloud Functions.”

The new integration with X-Ray can trace AWS Lambda functions as they are executed. Then, Lambda traces are combined with log and metric data from Datadog’s platform, allowing teams to dive deep into performance issues.

“These serverless architectures and serverless applications are becoming increasingly popular across our larger enterprise customers,” said Langer. “This was kind of a fantasy a year or two ago, but now there are customers using these technologies in production for a wide variety of use cases. And we want to be at the forefront of these trends and be able to support our customers as they embrace these new technologies.”