ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 7, 2014–Dynatrace PERFORM Global User Conference–Dynatrace, (formerly Compuware APM) the leader in user-centric application performance management (APM), today announced the release of Dynatrace Application Monitoring 6 and Dynatrace User Experience Management 6.

As today’s user interactions increasingly happen over mobile and digital channels, businesses need to understand their users’ behavior and perception, in order to maximize usage, customer satisfaction and conversion. Gaining those insights demands more than the evolution of existing sample-based APM solutions, which were architected to capture data related to poorly performing transactions only. Understanding the experience and behavior of digital users, requires the capture and analysis of customer visits without gaps, regardless of device, location and time. Dynatrace 6 brings a new architecture that enables businesses to capture and analyze each user visit and actions, and understand how conversion, satisfaction, user behavior and performance correlate.

“Many APM solutions claiming to address user experience management today are in fact repurposed from traditional sampling-based techniques and focused on monitoring application health, not users’ experience,” said Steve Tack, Vice President of Product Management at Dynatrace. “This new architecture enables anyone to capture not just slow transaction data, but any data that pertains to customers’ visits. This data provides tremendous insights into user behaviors across channels, and how conversion and user experience correlate.”

This release also greatly simplifies the deployment, management and monitoring of APM through set-up wizards, auto-instrumentation of Apple iOS and Swift-based apps, and simple business transaction definition.

Dynatrace 6 capabilities include:

● New architecture for gap-free data capture, reducing agent communication by 90% increasing interactive analysis by 10x, and providing high availability support with automatic failover of agents and collectors.
● New Agent set-up wizards, enabling installation of an agent in minutes.
● New Business Transaction Configurator to create web-based business transactions in seconds.
● New Auto-Instrumentation for iOS: you can go from an iOS app to an instrumented iOS app in less than 15 minutes -capturing user actions, network requests, crashes- without changing a line of code.
● Support for Swift and Apple new programming language.
● Out-of-the-box detection of swipes, taps, clicks, and remote calls for AngularJS, MooTools, and Prototype.
● New Dynatrace Agent for NGINX.
● First transactional APM solution for IBM IMS.
● In-Flight: a new, real-time user visibility dashboard for peak events.
● Thread Analysis for .NET, business dashboards and PHP & web server Improvements.
● New and improved agents for TIBCO ActiveMatrix, TIBCO EMS, Java 8, iOS 8, NGINX, HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB and iPlanet.