Google wants to remind developers that they have until April 20 to migrate to newer Google Data APIs. The ClientLogin shutdown date is scheduled for that date, and all apps that rely on it will stop working. The company recommended developers switch to OAuth 2.0 to minimize user disruption.

“Password-only authentication has several well-known shortcomings, and we are actively working to move away from it,” wrote Ryan Troll, technical lead manager at Google, on the company’s blog. “Moving to OAuth 2.0 ensures that advances we make in secure authentication are passed on to users signing in to Google services from your applications.”

Open Networking Foundation launches open-source development community and repository
The Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to software-defined networking (SDN) adoption, announced the launch of, an open-source SDN community website and code repository.

The site is designed to encourage commercial deployment of open-source SDN solutions to promote interoperability independent of vendor-specific services. Along with the website, the ONF is establishing a Software Leadership Council to guide the direction of the ONF’s open-source software programs and online community development. Members of the council include representatives from Cisco, Flowgrammable, VMware and others.

Microsoft to open up Xbox One app development
According to the Verge, Microsoft plans to change its Xbox One app development platform this summer. Currently, the company limits Xbox One app development to a few developers, but it plans to open up the program to allow all developers to work with the gaming platform. The Verge reported Microsoft will release full details at its Build developer conference.

Five million Raspberry Pis sold
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a milestone: It has sold more than 5 million Raspberry Pis. “Your 5 million purchases mean that we’re able to train teachers for free; provide free educational resources; undertake educational outreach; fund open-source projects,” wrote Liz Upton, head of communications for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, on the foundation’s blog.