The Web is ever changing, and with it so are the back-end technologies used to power Web applications. With the rise of mobile enterprise application platforms, mobile back ends as services and now microservices, it can be confusing what these terms mean and how they should be used. Appcelerator has created a “family tree” infographic to trace where these technologies came from, how they evolved, how they relate, and how far the Web has come.


“The need to innovate faster and faster is driving an evolution in how we connect and communicate across different systems,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. “We are arriving at a place where developers can stop fussing over the confusing bits and pieces of back-end plumbing and focus instead on the endpoint and, most importantly, the user experience.

“In our eyes, ‘microservices’ is our best shot at encapsulating where mobile architectures should be—and for many organizations, [it] already is. Promising faster delivery and more maintainable, scalable systems, microservices marks a big milestone for app development, and with this infographic, we trace the evolution to show just how far we’ve come.”